Steve-O's 100x100 Swim Challenge


Are you tough enough to take on "Steve-O’s 100X100 Swim Challenge"?  Stay motivated during the holidays by taking part in 1 of 3 levels of swimming bliss!

As a high school swim coach, Steve-O would traditionally have his swimmers swim 100x100 on New Year's Eve. We would like to continue this tradition by challenging brave swimmers nationwide! Grab your friends, swim teams and tri buddies and hit the deck! Pick a challenge level below and complete the workout by Dec. 31st at midnight! 

3 Levels of Challenges:

Big Honu Challenge:
Swim all 100x100’s in one day! 

Raising Phoenix:
Swim 100x100’s in 1 week

Turtle Speed:
Swim 100x100’s in 1 month


Please feel free to set up your own personal online fundraising campaign at:

Thank you for your support and good luck!!


Steve-O's 100x100 Swim Challenge "Big Honu" Hall of Fame (Certified BTTW Beasts!!) 

Adam's High School Swim Teams (coached by Steve-O and all teams that have carried on the tradition!)

Doug Troyer (2015, 2019)

Jayse Pestow (2019)

Ken Kidulas (2019)

John Morse (2019)

Maisha Seebeck (2019)

Christy Howard (2019)

Nicki Kucala (2019)

Caelea Armstrong (2018, 2019)

Claire Bowden (2017)

Adam Chaim

Sarah Cira (2015)

Lori Crawford

Gene Cruise (2017, 2018, 2019)

Melissa Day (2018)

Jason Demeter

Tracy Eaves (2015 & 2018)

Emily Fruehwirth (2017 & 2018)

Andrea Groote (2015)

DJ Hanback

Curtis Harris 2018

Keith Higginbottom

Cheryl Miemczewski (2018)

Jose Noriega (2018)

Maureen Kennedy 

Kevin Kurtz

Jim Langfeldt (2018)

Marc Laudeman

Tim Legge

Tom Levau

Laura Malcolm (2017 & 2018)

Meredith ??  

Greg Miller

Daniel Mikula

Jake Parks 

Maggie Reagan (2015, 2018, 2019)

Andy Rosebrook

Doug Satoruis

Brian Schroth

Brad Serf

Greg Shatto

Stephanie Sickerott (2018)

Mike Teske (2017 & 2018)

Chris Tilbury

Doug Troyer

Paula Turk (2018, 2019)

Bennett Tyson (2017)

Nick Weiler (2015 and Former Swimmer of Steve-O)

Mark Ziegert

Sandy Zielinski

*Please contact Sarah Cira or message us via our Facebook page to be added if you're not listed or want to update your dates**





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