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Hear ye hear ye, it is that time again family, friends, teammates, acquaintances, dog people, cat people, bacon people, people who care, people who love, those who come in peace, people who like pineapple on their pizza and anyone from out of this world.  Yes, it is time for me to start my fundraising path for the Racing for Steve-O Foundation’s main event of the year, the Barron Lake Triathlon.  I will be racing yet again this year.  As most of you know, the Racing For Steve-O Foundation was created in honor Steve (Steve-O) Smith, who was an Kona Ironman, a world champion triathlete, and a great man with a vision.  The Foundation was created in his memory to raise funds which provides scholarships for recreational use to Michiana (Michigan/Indiana) special needs community.  Last year I raised over $1,300.00 in support of this wonderful Foundation.  This year I would like to raise $1,500.00.  I still consider myself a rookie triathlete but if it wasn’t for The Racing for Steve-O Foundation, for Steve-O himself or anyone involved in this great race, I wouldn’t be a triathlete at all.  So for what I have gotten out of this great Foundation, I want to give back.  Help me do that today.
Please take the time to find out more about the foundation by going to http://www.racingforsteveo.org or head to their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RacingForSteveOFoundation/ Thank you for helping me help The Racing For Steve-O Foundation.
I will also proudly carry a US flag during the run and finish in memory of Brandon Andrew Gross - Ben Davis High School JROTC and Drill Team!  Thank you Flags 4 Fallen, a volunteer team that recruits runners to carry USA Flags to the finish line, for families who've lost someone too soon.




Stephanie Sickerott
fun loving lady that enjoys life to the fullest. #music is my love, #triathlon is my passion, plant based endurance athlete #vegan for health reasons

MY GOAL: $1,500.00
$1,620.00 RAISED
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