Online Fundraising

Please help support our mission by creating your own fundraising campaign!

 Set a goal that gets you moving, then share your goal with an online fundraising campaign to help support Michiana challenged athletes!


How To Set Up Your Fundraising Campaign: 

1) Simply enter your email address in the top right hand corner.  Once you click the signup button, an email with an activation link will automatically be sent to that email.

2) Activate your account from link sent to your email.

Now that you've activated your account:

3) Sign in to your account and check out your Public Profile on the right column.  Click on Settings.  Fill in your info and a short paragraph explaining why you're Racing for Steve-O.  Feel free to cut and paste info from our website.   Make sure you don't check the box on the top that says "Don't publish my profile on the website" or it won't work!  Once you fill out this simple form, a custom web address will be made.

4) Optional: Add photo's by "cutting and pasting" them to your Profile.  Once photo is added, you will be able to adjust size.

5) Optional: Feel free to cut and paste this paragraph as your "Intro"..."Please help support my campaign to raise funds to help support Michiana's athletes with special needs!  Racing For Steve-O Foundation was created to support Steve (Steve-O) Smith's battle with brain cancer.  Racing For Steve-O Foundation lives on in his memory by raising funds to provide recreational scholarships to our Michiana special needs community!  In just a short few years,  they have raised over $100,000 and awarded 70 scholarships for modified summer camps, therapeutic horseback riding and many other activities that promote an active healthy lifestyle!   Racing For Steve-O Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization ran 100% by volunteers.  99.97% of donations go directly towards their mission!  Please consider making a donation!"

6) Share your custom web page with all your friends and family using social media and emails!  

7) Once you receive a donation, we will forward you the donor's name, amount donated and address.  We encourage you to send a personal Thank You note for all donations received on your behalf. Once you set up an account and receive your first donation, we will be notified and will be available via email to help you with your account if needed.  

Tip: Many times supporters intend to donate your cause, but statistically takes 3-4 email reminders before your they will take action. Don't give up! Personal requests and messages work best.  Remind donors to check if their employers offer matching contributions! 


FREE entry for Barron Lake Triathlon Racers!!

Would you like to "Race for Steve-O" by helping our mission and receive a FREE Barron Lake Triathlon entry??  Simply set up your own fundraising campaign and raise $250 to receive a FREE entry to Barron Lake Triathlon (excludes USAT 1 Day membership fee) If you've already registered, we will give you up to $50 credit to use at our silent auction!  Raise over $500 and earn a FREE Barron Lake Triathlon entry (minus USAT 1 day membership fee) PLUS reserved bike rack space on race day! 


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Racing For Steve-O
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